Using Email to Promote Small Business Internet Marketing

Small business internet marketing can be at a tremendous advantage when e-mail marketing is employed effectively to extract the best out of it. Adding luster to the effort is that it is totally free. Learn more about using this wonderful medium for your benefit.

Why e-mail marketing is your best choice

In the first place with minimal effort and virtually no cost, you can reach thousand of potential customers in no time. It is not necessary to keep clicking the send button several hundred times. All that you need is your list (people who have given you their e-mail address and agreed to receive your communication) and an appropriate template. The list is important because your e-mail should go to the in-box and not be diverted to the spam folder. E-mail is also the best medium to maintain continuity.


Google provides a wonderful tool called feedburner. This works exactly on the lines of an RSS feed, but the difference is that updates to your website will be fed via the e-mail rather than the RSS. A major part of the world still lives in the e-mail box and RSS feeds are largely for the techies. Instead of opting for the RSS feeds, your visitors will sign up a small form subscribing to the feedburner and your updates automatically reach their in-box just as in the case of an RSS feed.

Building the list

This is where you should put your heart and soul. The success of E-mail marketing will be determined by the quality of the list that you build. Learning is a continuous process and as new tools or features evolve, it is essential that we tune in our learning too. Learn the art of building an effective list to succeed with your small business internet marketing.